Important Parts of A Relationship



Trust is a deal breaker for me. A relationship is built on the basis of trust. Without it, a relationship will crumble. When you trust someone it means that you think they’re reliable. You’re comfortable with them and you feel safe with them physically and emotionally. You know that they won’t harm you, and they know that you won’t harm them. Trust is something builds along with your relationship, and with it, your relationship builds as well.


Communication is important in a relationship if you want to get along. If you don’t tell your partner what you want and expect, they won’t know. And chances are, you two won’t last very long. If you and your partner are constantly having to guess what the other wants, you’ll be very unhappy with one another.


To be able to have a healthy relationship, you need to be able to commit to it. You can’t be flaky and decide that one day you love the person and the next you don’t. You aren’t allowed to be back and forth between multiple people. You need to be able to commit to one seriously. If you can’t do that, then make sure the person you’re seeing knows that. Don’t let the person you’re seeing believe that they’re the only one when they’re not. If you are seeing only one person, you need to be there for them. You can’t just bail on them because you aren’t that serious.


If you can’t be honest with your partner, then you shouldn’t be with them. You deserve honesty, and they need honesty from you too. You can’t lie to someone who you’re supposed to be dedicating part of your life to. You have to be open. That goes hand in hand with trust. Lies can break a relationship apart.