Physical Therapy


Okay, so my jaw has been popping and clicking for almost two years now, and I barely just saw the doctor about it a few months ago. She referred me to physical therapy. She said that when my jaw clicked and popped, it’s because it was trying to dislocate itself and that if I didn’t get help, it would lock and I wouldn’t be able to open my mouth.

On my first appointment, my therapist massaged my jaw and had me open and close it a few times, and move it side to side. She had me say a few words while touching my face, and then just rubbed around my jaw for a while. The whole time, she didn’t say anything.

Then she asked me if I could bend my thumb back and touch my wrist. I thought she was crazy because, hello, what did this have to do with my jaw?? I showed her that I could. Then, and I kid you not she says, “AHA!! I know what’s wrong with you.” She continued to tell me that I am hypermobile, and that’s why my jaw opened so wide and I could bend in weird ways. (I like to scare my friends by pulling my knee up to my chest and then taking my foot and putting it over the opposite shoulder… I also am great at gymnastics.. now I know why)

Then she told me that because I was hypermobile, there’s nothing we could do to make it stop forever. But she would help me control it. She gave me 3 exercises to do, and a long list of DON’TS. And now, when I yawn, I have to keep my tongue on the roof of my mouth. It looks ridiculous but it’s really been helping.

However, I think that any future appointment might be a waste of time. All she does is massage my face and tell me to keep doing those exercises, and then she turns off the lights, puts a hot pack on either side of my face, leaves, and sets a timer for 15 minutes.

My last appointment lasted 20 minutes. Which means that I only talked with her for 5, the other 15 I was alone in a dark room with hot packs on my face.

Hypermobility Syndrome —

where a person’s joints have a farther mobility range than normal.



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