Why Am I Getting Hate???


Lately I’ve been receiving some hate for the topics that I blog about.

I am getting called racist because I’m white??

I am not racist at all. I think that everyone should be treated equally, and people of all races are beautiful. I am very open about this, too. I don’t think that anyone should be discriminated against, especially for something like the color of their skin. I don’t understand why anyone would say that I’m racist. I mean, usually as soon as someone who is not of color says a word about race, they’re immediately branded as racist. But I don’t think that’s right. And, I figured that since I was so openly accepting of all races and anti-racist, that I wouldn’t be targeted. I guess not? I just honestly don’t understand why my opinion is invalid when I’m trying to support anti-racism.




4 thoughts on “Why Am I Getting Hate???

  1. There are some really nasty people out there! Which topics are they referring to? Judging by your previous posts I don’t think that you’re a racist, hence saying that you are one is just ridiculous! Hang in there, and stay strong! 🙂

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      • What is wrong with the world?! Eating disorders and mental illnesses are not something to be taken lightly! I have a friend who is currently suffering from moderate to borderline serious depression and is on meds. She harms herself and talks about suicide almost everyday, and some people still say that she just wants the attention. People who have not been through stuff like that or haven’t had a close person experience that shouldn’t judge others easily because they just don’t get it. Ignore those cyber-bullies! Ps: I love your blog’s colour scheme, shades of blue and or mint are my favourite! 🙂

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