So, I just started watching the show Supergirl. I’m barely finishing episode 1 of the first season, but I already love it so much.

Melissa Benoist is WONDERFUL!!!! She’s beautiful and I think she’s so perfect for the role of Supergirl.

I love the aspects of feminism and girl power. Supergirl is such a unique character. She’s nerdy and awkward and shy. She’s a character that a lot of people can relate to, and it’s funny to see the “human side” of a superhero. It also seems as if they aren’t over-sexualizing her, which is one of my pet peeves when it comes to females in comics.

I definitely recommend this show to anyone who loves superheros and more importantly, female superheros.

I hope that the success that this show has received inspires more shows for other female comic characters. For example, maybe Gotham City Sirens or Jean Grey. Storm and She-Hulk!!! Those would be amazing!! Holy shit, Storm especially, would be revolutionary, because she is a woman of color, and I think that Black Panther will help bring more comic characters of color into the light.



One thought on “Supergirl

  1. I started watching season 1 when it was coming out with new episodes on cable – honestly I forgot what it was about lol. I stopped watching it because it wasn’t interesting for me anymore, but that’s just my opinion! Glad you found a show that you like!

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