I Will..


These are my “I Will” statements that I am going to follow as a step towards complete acceptance.

  1. I will work out, without being excessive.
  2. I will eat and I will not feel guilty.
  3. I will admire myself for who I am.
  4. I will not obsess over my weight.
  5. I will be happy with myself.
  6. I will love myself.


  1. I will be patient with myself.
  2. I will aspire for self-care and self-love.
  3. I will be strong.
  4. I will be brave.
  5. I will be my own hero.
  6. I will have self-confidence.
  7. I will not compare myself to other people.

These are only a few things, but I’ll add to the list as I go. Does anyone have any suggestions for more I Will statements??? If you make your own, send me the link and I’d love to look at it.



11 thoughts on “I Will..

  1. Mia G.

    I will not compare myself to other people.
    This a problem I struggle with tbh. I always think that in order to be accepted I have to look like and act like that perfect person that everyone knows but in reality were all meant to be different. Otherwise the word original doesn’t have a purpose you know?

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  2. Great list
    I will never give up.
    I will always be hopeful.
    I will never lose faith in myself and God.
    I will not let others beliefs define me
    I will be a source of kindness and comfort to others
    I will always have a purpose to fulfill in life

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