How to Help the One You Love (when they have anxiety)

  1. When someone is having an anxiety attack, do not ask them if they are okay. No, they aren’t okay. Don’t ask the  what happened or what’s wrong or how they feel. They feel like their world is falling apart and asking them to talk about it probably will make things worse if you want them to talk about it while it’s still upsetting them.
  2. It isn’t easy to talk about anxiety, if they are having to explain it to you. Sometimes they might not want to talk about it, so if you understand it, then it means a lot. Even if you don’t get it, trying is good enough because it shows that you care and you want to help. Honestly, anxiety is complicated and can be hard to understand, even for those who have anxiety.
  3. Having anxiety does not make someone crazy. It is a completely normal response from the brain. It just means that their “fight or flight” response just fires up faster than most.


  4. Sometimes people with anxiety have a hard time with changing plans. Even if they need to because they aren’t up to it. Anything can cause an anxiety attack. Even things that seem like they aren’t a threat. Things like sounds and smells can trigger an attack. Even if nothing is happening, if the person with anxiety might have an attack just thinking about things that could go wrong. It isn’t easy when someone’s attention is being pulled in so many different directions.
  5. Be there for them. Sometimes they just need love. Give it to them. Let them know that you’re there for them. Even if they don’t want to be touched, stay with them. Tell them that you’re going to be there for them through it all.
  6. Anxiety isn’t always the same. Sometimes it will make people cranky, sometimes it will make them angry, and sometimes it will make them sad. Be prepared for anything.
  7. Anxiety doesn’t make sense. People with anxiety know that. But that doesn’t mean that they can just stop their anxiety attacks.



10 thoughts on “How to Help the One You Love (when they have anxiety)

  1. What a great post. A lot of people who struggle with anxiety also struggle because they don’t know how to get the words in the right order to explain to someone why they feel the way they do. Great explanation 🙂

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