Space Odyssey


So, there’s this PC video game that Neil deGrasse Tyson is working on. It’s called Space Odyssey. This game allows you to explore space, terraform planets, and build your own solar systems. You can mine asteroids for resources, build robots, and nurture new species.

I think that it looks super cool, and even though I’m not a huge PC gamer, I’m definitely pledging for the Kickstarter. Your pledge on Kickstarter can range from $5-$10,000 and receive different items based on each pledge.

When they finally get the game going, they plan on doing so much more, like making comics, books, movies, and even a card game. They also plan on making a VR edition of the game. (VR means Virtual Reality)

Check out     to see more about the game.

I can’t wait for it!!!



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