The Honest Truth About Depression


Though it may seem like it, depression doesn’t last forever. Everything will get better. What needs to be remembered is that you can get all of the help in the world, but nothing will change if you don’t make an effort. Sometimes life is hard. It all feels like too much.  You wake up and your heart hurts. You don’t want to get out of bed. You’re not hungry so you just don’t eat even though it’s the third day you’ve done this. I get it. Sometimes life gets so bad, you don’t even want to shower or brush your teeth because it doesn’t feel like it matters. I’ve been through it and it felt like it would never end. One time I stayed in my room for 2 weeks straight. I didn’t eat, shower, brush my hair, or brush my teeth for those 2 weeks. I maybe went pee 2 or 3 times. The rest of the time I stayed in my room. I felt awful. I wished that I had a reset button so I wouldn’t have to deal with it all. Sometimes we get bullied and people are assholes, and they’ll hurt you. But you have to remember that there are still people who love you. The people in your life now don’t matter. If they make you feel like crap, then get rid of them. It may be hard at first, but it is so worth it in the end. You just have to try. It’s going to be hard, but don’t give up!! My therapist gave me an acronym.

A- Always do something to make yourself feel better

C- Catch the positives in every situation

T- Think of depression as a problem to be solved

I- Inspect the situation

O- Open yourself to new ideas

N- Never get stuck in a negative muck

Take ACTION and take control of the situation. The outcome is definitely worth it. Now, I’m not saying that this is going to solve everything. But it’s definitely a place to start, and it does make things better while you figure something else out.



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