Welcome to my blog, The Raine Spectrum. This page is going to be used for art, poetry, film, and any other forms of creative expression. It will be my way to express my journey through mental illness and how I learned to love myself. I hope to help many more people. No negativity allowed please. I place high importance on equality, so no racism either.

Thank you,



3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Aries.

    My name is Aries.

    Not to be confused with Ares

    But I wage this war against myself

    Feeling myself sink deeper into my mind

    Feeling of being doomed by thoughts of hell.

    I wish not to end it. But instead to find an alternative.

    Love is not for me and happiness is so far

    I feel like everyone has something. They’ve seen or felt that has gave them that scar.
    My name is Aries. I wish for all to see a light. Even when I… am seeing dark….

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  2. ATBASH cipher

    R wl mlg hvv nb oruv gl yv urg uli gsrh dliow. Mlg yvxzfhv R’ev hfuuvivw. Mlg yvxzfhv R dzh izrhvw drgs lmv kzivmg. Yfg yvxzfhv R hvv sld R sfig. Mlg nbhvou. Yfg lgsvih. R olhg gsv dlnzm R olevw. Yvxzfhv R sfig svi. R yilftsg svi rmgl hlnvgsrmt hsv wrwm’g dzmg. R olhg wvzi uirvmwh yvxzfhv R dzh z ullo… yvxzfhv gsvhv. Elrxvh. Xszmtv nv…

    R dzmg gl vmw nb oruv… hl R xzm hglk sfigrmt nliv kvlkov. Yfg blf hvv. R zn ml ullo. R pmld gszg R hgroo szev kvlkov gszg xziv uli nv. Kvlkov R szev mlg bvg gl sfig. Kvlkov gszg droo nrhh nb dsvm R’n tlmv.

    Hl zh blf hvv. R zn hgfxp zg z xilhh ilzw. Ru R hgzb. R sfig nliv oruv. Ru R tl…. R sfig nliv oruv…
    Call me… Ares

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